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Armour House Indoor Wedding | Katie & Andrew

Ceremony & Reception: Armour House, Lake Forest IL See Full Gallery

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Katie & Andrew picked the perfect month for this perfect venue to have their special day. While the weather wasn’t so perfect, the ceremony and reception certainly made us all forget about the gloomy rain outside.

Katie’s day began full of emotions with her close friends and family at Deer Path Inn in downtown Lake Forest. There were plenty of tears as memorable gifts and lasting words were exchanged as Katie prepared for the ceremony. Andrew finished up at getting ready at the Armour House.

The forecast for the day wasn’t very promising. But as Katie zipped up her dress, there was a glimmer of hope as the sun tried to peek through. But as we headed to the Armour House for the ceremony, it started to pour. I must admit I was disappointed myself as this is one of those magical venues for outdoor photos. But luckily it’s also just as magical inside as it is outside. When the ceremony started and the wedding party began walking down the aisle, the rain was quickly forgotten. Tears from getting ready continued on through as they exchanged rings. And as the ceremony ended, so did the rain. And with all this rain, we were given a reward… a rainbow which lasted just long enough to get our best photo of 2017! What a way to finish off our 2017 wedding season with this exclamation point of a photo! The guests still had the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors during cocktail hour, perfect timing.

Some cool & fun details… Katie & Andrew had a custom personalized painting of the Armour, first time we’ve seen this. Guests enjoyed many treats! There were his and her signature drinks, old fashioned for the groom and champagne peach schnapps for the bride. A high-end coffee bar serving up Kahlua, Bailey’s, Amaretto and more. Gourmet ice cream buffet, and lots more! See more details on our See more highlights on our FB Page!

Congratulations Katie & Andrew! Thank you so much for having us photograph your special day. While our photo shoots were all very wet (starting from the flooded engagement session and now a rainy wedding day), we can honestly say they’re one of our most favorite photos. Thank you for placing your trust in us. – LOP

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Forest Park Beach Lake Forest Engagement Photos | Katie & Andrew

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Katie has been planning this engagement shoot for quite a while and had her sights set on Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe. With Chicago’s very unpredictable weather, we experienced record rain the past couple of weeks, flooding most of the region. The water levels were so bad that Chicago Botanic Garden had to close to the public with their parking lot under water and some parts of the garden. We were bummed but it all happened for a reason. Katie found a back-up location, Forest Park Beach in Lake Forest which should have been the first choice! We were super excited to find this hidden gem as it provided for some amazing backdrops especially during sunset. It’s definitely not the typical Chicago beach.

I ruined a pair of shoes during this shoot but the photos certainly made it all worth while. Congrats and we’re very excited to be part of your big day at our favorite venue! See you soon!

The Glen Club Wedding Photos | Shauna & Anthony

Ceremony: St. Raymond de Penafort Parish, Mount Prospect IL Reception: The Glen Club, Glenview IL See Full Gallery

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Shauna began her day at her sister’s home not to far from where the ceremony took place at St. Raymond de Penafort Parish in Mount Prospect. There were many little bride-to-be’s watching Shauna prepare for her big day which made for some cute photos. Anthony started his day at the reception venue, The Glen Club in Glenview.

There were many tiny intimate moments between Shauna & Anthony especially during the ceremony which a few we captured. You can tell that these two are truly made for each other. We were running a bit short on time between the ceremony and reception but we were able to sneak in some fun photos at a nearby Glenview Park and topped it off with some breathtaking sunset photos at The Glen.

Some cool details… While The Glen Club doesn’t need much dressing up, Yanni Design Studio did an amazing job with decor. It was a nature theme with lots of greens and wood accents which worked well together along with the menu, escort cards, and table signs all blending with the theme. Guests enjoyed late night sliders and pretzel treats along with an ice cream sundae bar. Shauna & Anthony also showed off their engagement photos with a nice guestbook. You can check out their Engagement Photos here. See more of the amazing details on our FB Page!

Congratulations Shauna & Anthony! We know how important photography is to you so we thank you for trusting us with your most important day!

New Buffalo Michigan Wedding | Julie & Kevin

Ceremony & Reception: New Buffalo MI See Full Gallery

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Once in a while we get extra lucky and take part in something that breaks the mold. You meet a couple that wants to get away from the expectations of a big city wedding and just wants to be surrounded by close family to share and celebrate what truly matters. When we read about what Julie & Kevin were planning, we hoped and crossed our fingers that we would be included in their plans and so we were.

Julie & Kevin planned for a sunset beach wedding on a private property in New Buffalo Michigan. The day stated off with strong storms off an on throughout the day. With the weather uncertainty, they began setting up for an indoor ceremony in the dining room. When I arrived, I gave a little nudge to wait just a few minutes, as the storm had a slight chance to pass and it would be a shame to not have what they had dreamed for (plus I drove 2 hours through the storms and refuse to come home empty handed). Sure enough, the sun started shining and gave us a beautiful sunset along with rainbows for about an hour, just enough to have a short ceremony and beach photos. How magical is that!

Not having enough time to move the ceremony to the beach, the chairs were quickly set up on the deck overlooking Lake Michigan. After a beautiful sunset ceremony, we headed to the beach for some photos with the bride and groom and their daughters. And we have to say, this time frame and conditions is what most photographers wish for. As you can see, all their photos are simply amazing. Right after the rainbow shot, we had to sprint back through the sands as the storms came right back. Thank you weather gods for allowing us an hour of pure magic to realize Julie & Kevin’s dream wedding.

Congratulations Julie & Kevin! And thank you for choosing Life On Prints to capture your very special day!

Armour House Outdoor Wedding Ceremony | April & Dylan

Ceremony & Reception: Armour House, Lake Forest IL See Full Gallery

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You can dress up a wedding as much as you want but at the end of it all, the only thing that really matters is that you’re surrounded by people that you love and genuinely love you back. This creates an entire day full of authentic moments that you’ll remember for life. (And of course you need an awesome photographer to document these moments =) April & Dylan’s wedding was exactly that. It reminded us of why we love what we do.

Their entire day took place at our most favorite venue, the Armour House in Lake Forest. While we try to convince most couples to do a “first look” to take advantage of more photo time, April & Dylan decided they wanted their first look to be in tact for the isle. We did sacrifice more wedding party photos but got some very emotional ceremony photos in return. We did make sure to have enough bride & groom photo time as well.

Some fun details…April & Dylan displayed old wedding photos of their parents and even took photos with them, one of our favorite details, we love seeing old wedding photos. One of their close friends sang their first dance song which just melted everyone’s hearts, not a dry eye on the dance floor. April changed to an amazing red dress to finish off the celebration. They had a perfect sparkler send off, with the entire wedding participating and timed perfectly at dusk with the dark blue skies. Lots more to see so just go check out their gallery on our Facebook Page.

Congrats Sarah & Anthony! Thank you for having us around your adventure of a day!

Eaglewood Resort Indoor Wedding Ceremony | Sarah & Jason

Ceremony & Reception: Eaglewood Resort, Itasca IL See Full Gallery

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11 years ago, we were privileged to be introduced to this wonderful family and since then, have shot a total of 4 weddings within their circle of friends and family. It’s certainly an honor and a treat to see everyone again with new additions. Most of the day took place at the Eaglewood Resort in Itasca, while Sarah started her day at home where her dress was surrounded with childhood memories. Chicago is very unpredictable so while it’s mid May, the weather seemed more like November so were held indoors for most of the day. But that did not take away from a lovely ceremony filled with emotional moments. The ceremony, while indoors, had great panoramic views of the golf course. We had a little break in the weather and got a chance for a few sunset shots on the bridge.

Some fun details…Sarah broke a “no gift” agreement and surprised Jason with an awesome electric guitar as a gift. While the girls had cute & sexy ribbon laced high heels, the guys had fun socks to accent their personalities, one of them had poop on it. Sarah & Jason donated to Hoosier Outrun Cancer in honor of a friend, always a great alternative to favors. Sarah’s brother did the speech for “her side” and got super creative, doing it with a poem to a slide show of fun life long photos, a hilarious treat for all the guests. See more of their highlights & details on our Facebook Page.

Congratulations Sarah & Jason! Thank you very much for having us back and giving us a chance to be with everyone once again and most of all, having us record your important memories! Hope to see everyone again in the near future!

Armour House Wedding Reception | Katie & Matt

Ceremony: St Patrick Catholic Church, Lake Forest IL Reception: Armour House, Lake Forest IL See Full Gallery

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We’re back again at the amazing Armour House in Lake Forest. This was a golden day, the sun shining so bright upon Katie & Matt and this truly was the perfect venue for them, as this is Katie’s home town. Preparations began at Armour House where the two exchanged gifts, Matt getting a golf club bottle opener and custom cuff links from Katie, which Katie receives a beautiful bracelet for “something blue”. They opted to do a first look on the Armour House staircase to make sure we have enough photo time to take advantage of the amazing surroundings. We then took a short ride to St Patrick Catholic Church for the ceremony. Immediately after the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a perfect outdoor weather cocktail hour while the wedding party took more photos, exploring more photo op areas.

Some fun details…Their pug Olive made an appearance sporting a collar bouquet to match the wedding party. Katie’s niece and nephew were the flower girl and ring bearer, certainly something special to have on your wedding day. While they had a hard time at the beginning of the day, they walked proudly with big smiles down the isle. There was a collection of previous generation wedding photos in very aged photo frames, again something we very much enjoy looking at. Photos get better and better over time! The champagne color theme was a perfect complement to Armour House’s elegant dining room. You can see more of the beautiful details on our Facebook Page.

Congratulations Katie & Matt! I immediately connected with your sweet personalities the day we met and we’re so happy to be the ones to document your wedding. Thank you for having LOP!

Northerly Island Engagement Photos | Sarah & Anthony

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Northerly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement PhotosNortherly Island Engagement Photos

Northerly Island is Sarah & Anthony’s most favorite spot in Chicago (and their dog’s favorite place to play too) so it was only fitting to do their engagement photos there. While it’s not a frequent spot for photos, it certainly brings a fresh and different perspective of Chicago’s skyline. There’s plenty of walking commitment but once you get past that, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular backdrops. We did get pounded with strong lakefront winds and I myself got caught in a wave with gear at hand, but the golden sun made up for that sacrifice.

Thanks for roughing it out Sarah & Anthony! See you next year! Same time, same place!

Eaglewood Resort Wedding Ceremony | Raquel & John

Ceremony & Reception: Eaglewood Resort, Itasca IL See Full Gallery

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We love to see familiar faces from previous weddings and Raquel & John’s wedding is one of them so this was certainly a treat for us. The entire day took place at the beautiful Eaglewood Resort in Itasca. And beautiful weather came to match the beautiful venue and set the stage for an emotional ceremony. For most late ceremony weddings, we often suggest that the bride & groom do a “first look” to leave plenty of time for photos. But it was important for Raquel & John to see each other for the first time at the isle. While we didn’t do a first look, we still managed enough time to get some great photos around the Eaglewood course. A big highlight for the evening was Raquel’s emotional dance with the most important men in her life including her brother.

Some fun details…The guys all got flasks as groomsmen gifts. There were plenty of wood carving pieces as decor and gifts. The guests were treated to a very cool “love” bottle opener. One of the highlights for the evening was a visit from a food truck Chicago Pizza Boss providing some tasty late night snacks for the guests. Another late evening highlight was Raquel serenading John on the dance floor. See more of their highlights & details on ourFacebook Page.

Congratulations Raquel & John! We had a great time starting with your freezing engagement session, but we were rewarded with such a beautiful wedding day. Thank you for having us back!

Riverside Receptions Wedding | Susan & Scott

Ceremony & Reception: Riverside Receptions, Geneva IL See Full Gallery

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Susan & Scott reside up north in Canada of which where their main wedding celebrations took place. But with family roots in the St Charles area, it was only fitting to have an intimate wedding reception for some very close family and friends. While we were only there for a few hours and with no time to “warm up”, Susan and Scott photographed very well together as if they were trained by another photographer =) All the photos and reception took place at the Riverside Receptions in Geneva IL, a great area to have a nearby “get-away” wedding.

Congratulations to Susan and Scott! While it was only a short amount of time, it was an privilege to photograph some of your important times here in your home town. Thank you for having LOP!

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