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Ceremony: Cancer Survivor Garden, Chicago  Reception: Esplanade Lakes, Downers Grove   See Full Gallery

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Bride & Groom Comments:

Mark and I were really impressed with our wedding photos. It rained all morning right before our outdoor ceremony and you can’t tell from any of our photos that there was a drop of rain. We looked for a photographer that had an imaginative eye and photos that really expressed the rare moments that you don’t often see with traditional wedding photographers. Tony & Michelle did a wonderful job and really captured the sentiments of our wedding. They were also very patient in taking photos at numerous locations throughout the city. We would definitely recommend them to brides who are looking for extraordinary photography.

We were really happy with the outcome and that we got a chance to work with LOP. I just wanted to make mention that being a bride can be tough in that they are entering a whole new industry unknown to them. I know that vendors have to deal w/ 1,000s of brides but I just think in some instances you could have been a little bit more patient or understanding and tried to talk through the issues directly with the bride instead of through email. Nonetheless, we were appreciative that LOP was there for our special event.

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3 Responses to “Cancer Survivor Garden, Chicago – Mary Ann & Mark”

  1. Anna

    Hi Mary Ann!
    I am getting married at the CSG on July 24 and I wanted to solicit your advice as to where you rented the chairs from. Did you stick with a vendor that the Park District recommended?
    Your pictures are gorgeous!! I am gaining inspiration from them::)

    All the best,

  2. Teresa

    I have phoned the Chicago Park District but am having difficulty geeting a response. Do you have a direct contact for the CSG. I am getting married June 2010 and am considering this location for the ceremony. Which vendor did you select for the chairs? Where did your guest park?

  3. Jasmine

    I’m planning to have my wedding at the Cancer Survivors Garden next summer as well.

    The website to obtain more information regarding renting the Cancer Survivors Garden and acceptable vendors is: Look under General Information for the vendor list.

    However, you’ll have to check back in 2010 to confirm these vendors are still qualified. I was told it’s subject to change every year.

    Good Luck!

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