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Snowstorm Proposal | Zach & Emily

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OK so the headline is misleading. It’s really more of a thunderstorm. I drove 2 hours through Friday rush hour to capture a surprise proposal that Zach had been planning for a long time. It was supposed to take place during sunset at his parents’ lovely backyard where there would be a path of candles to a beautiful wooded area. But mother nature had other ideas that day. We had thunder filled freezing rain. I couldn’t leave them without one amazing photo to remember the day. All we had was darkness and rain. And so with a little bit of creativity and getting drenched, we leave them with a “snowstorm” proposal.

Thank you Zach for inviting me to this special moment. While it didn’t turn out as planned, all that matters is Emily heart melted and she said yes! =)

Lincoln Park Marriage Proposal | Laura & Mike

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Laura said yes! As difficult of a task this is to execute, we love these types of shoots. The secretly photographed proposal. As you can see, the photos are close range and yes we are pretty much that close to them and yet Laura doesn’t notice. We have to credit Mike for keeping her focussed on her new ring, I’m sure that helped quite a bit! As you scroll through the photos, you’ll notice we followed them around for a bit for some true candid moments as they soak in what just happened. This is exactly what we love, catching candid photos.

So thanks Mike for giving us this chance. Congratulations to you and Laura and we’re excited to finish off your story!

Adler Planetarium Grainger Sky Theater Proposal | Katie & Daniel

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She said yes! Under the moon and the stars!

A surprise proposal this amazing needed tons of planning. After weeks of constant communication with Daniel and the helpful staff at Adler allowing us to scout and rehearse the moment, everything went as planned with only minor hiccups.

Daniel got Katie into wearing a gorgeous dress by tricking her into thinking they were invited to a restaurant opening night. This was all solidified through fake text conversations with the “restaurant owner”. But first, a stop at the Adler to kill some time. While inside the Adler, they were to “sneak” into the Grainger Sky Theater just to check it out. Once there, they were greeted by annoyed photographers and videographers (us) who tried to kick them out because we were setting up for an “event”. As Daniel convinced us to let them in just for a peek, he leads Katie towards a cocktail table where chocolate treats and champagne awaits right under the enormous moon and galaxy. That’s when Katie’s reaction lit the theater as Daniel went on one knee. After she said yes, a collection of their unforgettable moments together lit the galaxy along with some of their favorite tunes.

After a few photos inside the theater, we headed outside to beat the storm for a signature Chicago skyline photo. Congratulations Katie & Daniel! You two laugh well together and the way you smile at each other proves you’re made for each other. Thanks for letting us capture this very special and amazing event!

Chicago Botanic Garden Marriage Proposal | Ashley & Jimmy

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One of the most satisfying thing about being a photographer is capturing real unscripted moments and preserving them for people to enjoy and cherish life memories. Jimmy’s proposal is a perfect example and it was executed to perfection!

We had the heads up from Jimmy months before hand and talked in careful detail about his proposal. The challenge was (1) it was a surprise and (2) Ashley is not to notice that they are being photographed. This is usually a 50/50 outcome but the groom placed his soon to be bride in the perfect position to accomplish both a surprise proposal and great angles for unnoticed shots. Jimmy earned extra bonus points by surprising Ashley with large prints of the proposal mounted on their living room wall weeks later as she came home from a business trip.

Congrats to Ashley & Jimmy! Thanks for letting us be your ninja photographer!

Northwestern University Ryan Field Wedding Engagement Proposal | Somil & Aditi

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Elaborate proposals are difficult to pull off but this one went perfectly as planned. Somil & Aditi are Northwestern alums so there was no other place more fitting to propose to his best friend. But it wasn’t just on Northwestern campus grounds, it was on the 50 yard line inside Ryan Field! How awesome is that!

The story goes… one of their friends won a dinner with the Northwestern Football coaching staff at the press box inside Ryan Field. Seems believable? We think so. As Aditi and her friends approach the area, I acted as the official photographer for the Northwestern University Athletics department. I was asked to photograph the winning party on the field. However, the rule was that only 2 people are allowed at a time. I asked for the first 2 volunteers. While there was some discussions at first (as planned), of course Somil & Aditi ended up going first. We first walk around the field to take come casual shots. As I lead them towards the 50 yard line, Aditi was met with a sign written with roses asking “Marry Me”. Well, it wasn’t really a question since it ended with an exclamation point.

She said yes! And after an emotional proposal, we headed inside Welsh-Ryan Arena where she was congratulated by her close friends and family, celebrating a sweet evening. What a great surprise! Congratulations Somil & Aditi! Thanks for letting us capture an important moment in your lives!

Montrose Beach Harbor Marriage Proposal | Lauren & Vince

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Montrose Beach Engagement Session Montrose Beach Engagement SessionMontrose Beach Engagement SessionMontrose Beach Engagement SessionMontrose Beach Engagement SessionMontrose Beach Engagement Session

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This proposal actually took place on Oct 19th 2013. I was very excited that day and was very much anticipating this event. It’s not often we get to photograph an actual propsal taking place. Vince and I exchanges several emails and phone calls to plan this moment as Vince wanted it documented without Lauren knowing.

I shot a separate engagement session early in the day as it started out to be a gorgeous day. But the bad weather set in. I was supposed to be “blending in” with the crowd. Well, it was a cold and rainy evening so needless to say, there was no crowd to blend in with. But the weather didn’t stop Vince from making this happen and I’m sure it was all well worth it for Lauren. While the proposal only lasted maybe 5 minutes due to the rain, I managed to get some managable angles without being noticed and did get enough photos for Vince to surprise Lauren with.

Congratulations Lauren & Vince! Looking forward to seeing everyone on the big day!

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