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Just wanted to share… One of our May 2010 couples were featured on Style Unveiled Real Weddings.

See the full feature here!

Don’t forget to pick up your 2010 Spring issue of The Knot National Magazine. Jennifer & Jim’s planning efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Read more here






Great News! Life On Prints made the Top 100 Photographers Worldwide on WPJA | Wedding Photojournalist Association, coming in at #12 for 2008. We are thankful for this achievement, as we consider it an honor to compete among the best photojournalists around the world. And most importantly, we thank our brides & grooms once more for providing us with these great winning moments. Thanks!


 Photographer Location Total Points
   1. Franck Boutonnet FRANCE 46
   2. Rob Witzel FL, USA 40
   3. Genya Garrett FL, USA 38
   4. Matt Adcock GA, USA 36
   5. Stephen Loh SINGAPORE 32
   6. Hassel Weems GA, USA 30
   7. Meg Baisden FL, USA 28
   8. Shane Snider NC, USA 28
   9. Edmund Tham MALAYSIA 26
 10. Scott Juarez TX-N, USA 26
 11. Dorota Kaszuba POLAND 26
 12. Tony Cabrera IL, USA 25
 13. Christian Keenan ENGLAND 24
 14. Dominique Cabrelli FRANCE 22
 15. Brett Butterstein CO, USA 22
 16. Ronald Soliman DE, USA 20
 17. Kenny Nakai IL, USA 20
 18. Anthony Ku TX-C, USA 19
 19. Bill McCullough TX-C, USA 19
 20. David Murray ME, USA 19


Click Here to see the complete list.

See all the amazing winning images at

Time to pay tribute and also special thank you’s to our clients that provided us with great images. Below is a showcase of past and current award winning images. We feel greatful for these winning placements in such a competitive environment, among phenomenal photographers worldwide. Thanks to all our brides/grooms for all the great moments!!!

2008 Q4 – 2nd Place (Top 3) – Humor

JUDGES COMMENTS: Not sure what’s she’s wrestling with, but its a lot of fun to guess. The bridesmaid to the right adds to it because she’s not quite sure if she wants to jump in and help her out or just stay back. One thing that also makes this one work is the light dress popping out as the darker dresses frame the bride. A small thing, but with such a messy background, an important element.

JUDGES COMMENTS: Great depth of field.  Being right on top of the action with a wide angle brings an intimacy coupled with humor.    

JUDGES COMMENTS: Panic and stressful moments can be humorous. The bride is obviously trying to find something in her dress, and bridesmaids look so stressed. Nicely composed with bride in the center, and bridesmaids off to two sides.


2008 Q4 – 2nd Place (Top 3) – Action

JUDGES COMMENTS: This image captured the spirit of the wedding celebration. The moment between the bridesmaids was accentuated with motion blur and the stop action.

JUDGES COMMENTS: The low angle, the wide lens, and dragging the shutter while popping the strobe gives this image energy. Party time conveyed in a fun, buoyant way.   An even lower angle would have probably been better.  There is a little distortion from the severe tilt and I would have liked to see an even wider field of vision.   Still, this one makes me smile and nod.


2008 WPJA/Brides Magazine Contest – 5th Place (Top 10) – Bride

JUDGES COMMENTS: The bride has a very infectious, joyful energy.


2008 Q3 – 17 Place (Top 20) – Reception


2008 Q2 – 14th  Place (Top 20) – Humor

JUDGES COMMENTS: The groom has a sweet expression as he reacts to baby ducklings. Wish the background had been a little more out of focus so it wasn’t so distracting.


2008 Q2 – 3rd Place (Top 3) – Creative Portraits

JUDGES COMMENTS: The composition of the steel beams and the use of stark lighting complement this bride and groom as they kiss. A very strong use of composition and angle lead the viewer around the photograph.

There were some very strange settings for portraits in this category and most did not do justice to the subject – but the photographer does a great job in this industrial setting. The light is compelling and the composition arresting.


2007 Q4 – 18th Place (Top 20) – Getting Ready

JUDGES COMMENTS: I like the clean vibrant background in this picture. The girls all seem to be in on the same joke.


2007 Q4 – 10th Place (Top 10) – Kids Being Kids

JUDGES COMMENTS: Elegant! This is a very natural looking photo. The perfect sleeping pose for a little bride’s maid. Perfect light. A very intimate moment captured exceptionally well. Excellent recognition of a great photo opportunity by the photographer.


2007 Q3 – 17th Place (Top 20) – Emotion

JUDGES COMMENTS: Tears at both sides of the frame make for a noteworthy composition.


2007 Q3 – 6th Place (Top 10) – Bouquet/Garter Action


2007 Q2 – 4th Place (Top 10) – Wheater

JUDGES COMMENTS: Fun moment. The photographer has made use of every inch of this frame. From the bride playfully shouting, framed by the towel held by the groom and a friend, to the bridesmaids and their towels, even one with her flowers in her mouth. The viewers eye can wander around this frame and find all kinds of surprises. Using a longer lens pulls all of these elements together for a well executed frame.


2007 Q1 – 11th Place (Top 20) – Toasting/Speeches

JUDGES COMMENTS: Of the many photos of the couple reacting to the toast, I liked this one the best. I like the way they’re both leaning back; they laughing in a natural, heartfelt way that seems to show that they enjoyed the toast.


2006 Q4 – 16th Place (Top 20) – Kids Being Kids

JUDGES COMMENTS: This perfect moment captures the expressions and body language of the children. The image reads clearly.


2006 Q4 – 9th Place (Top 10) – Toasting

JUDGES COMMENTS: I loved the fact that the photographer kept his/her eye in the viewfinder and his finger on the shutter and stayed with this shot after what most would consider the peak action.  It is not a perfect photo, but it is a damn good try.


2006 Q3 – 13th Place (Top 20) – Emotion

JUDGES COMMENTS: This is super subtle, and although on the surface it doesn’t bowl you over with emotion, but the more I looked at it, the more obvious the emotion was. His intent stare is really powerful. The quality of the light is really nice as well. The photographer did a great job in capturing the subtle intensity.




The L Word – WPJA Losers!

March 7th, 2008

A tribute to images we entered but didn’t place…

We are a member of WPJA, which holds quarterly International wedding photo contests. As you notice, we showcase some of our winning images on our welcome page. We managed to place 6 of our images in 2007, ranging from 4th place to 18th place. Now that the last of 2007 results are in, we wanted to share which images DIDN’T place.

So here they are… the images that didn’t make the cut… drum roll….

1. Category: Emotion 

2. Category: Creative Portraits                                        3. Category: Reception

4. Category: Humor

5. Category: Weather

6. Category: Emotion

7. Category: Reflections

8. Category: Ceremony

9. Category: Bouquet/Garter Action

10. Category: Bouquet/Garter Action

11. Category: Emotion

12. Category: Reception

13. Category: Reception

14. Category: Kids

15. Category: Emotion

16. Category: Reception

17. Category: Details

18. Category: Kids

19. Category: Kids

20. Category: First Dance

21. Category: Kids

22. Category: Ceremony

23. Category: Reception

24. Category: Emotion

So there you have it!  We wanted to share these great moments and we hope you enjoyed them!

If you haven’t done so, check out the WPJAwebsite. The winning images for Q4 2007 are just unbelievable! They are all a true pleasure to browse through and a testiment to how tough it is to place a winning image.

Special congratulations to our friends Oscar (S1 Photography) and Kelly (KMO) for their winning images for Q4 2007!


We went back in time to blog about all our weddings going back to 2006!

Our highlights page (blog) was introduced on Nov 2nd 2007. For the past few weeks, we’ve been “retro-blogging”, posting wedding highlights going back to 2006. Why did we do this? We want our visitors to see our consistent work week after week and experience how truly unique each wedding is. And most importantly, we want to help brides in their planning process by showing different ideas through our images.

Here are just some of the entries going back to 2006.

Margarita & Jeff at the Woodstock Opera House

Sheri & Chris at Promontory Point

Kristy & Jason at Notre Dame

Carol & Ted at the Armour House

Ghoncheh & Majid at the Chicago Cultural Center

Danica Pete at Mill Creek Golf Club

Laura & Jarett at Adler Planetarium

Christine & Paul at Chicago Botanic Garden

Mary Ann & Mark at Cancer Survivor’s Garden

Nadia & Bryan at Hyatt Lodge McDonald’s Campus

Britny & Troy at Bloomingdale Golf Club

Margaret & Eric at Ruffled Feathers

Ann & Jake at Grand Bear Utica

Kara & Drew at Cafe la Cave

Mariza & Brian at Pazzo’s 311

Melissa & Albert at Bolingbrook Golf Club

To see more, use our monthly archive menu below or use the search function to see specific venues.

Happy Planning!

Places we’ve been and places we’ll be…

We’re happy to announce that our venue page directory has been completely renovated. It’s functional, helpful, and most of all, lots of fun.

These are locations where LOP has had the pleasure of shooting or will be shooting in the near future. So feel free to browse, have fun, and don’t hesitate to email us with any questions. HAPPY PLANNING!

CLICK HERE or simply click our Planning Resource tab


Happy 2008 to everyone!  Just wanted to share random favorites of our kids Mac, Kailey, and of course Chewie.

Photo gallery

We don’t often post photos of our kids but since it’s a special occasion, we wanted to share the joy of having a family. Especially that Kailey (our daughter) is actually a good story to tell about Wedding Photographers in Chicago. See the Original Story Here

Now that Kailey is a year old, we’d like to once again thank Dennis Lee and Rachael Michael for having a part in her birth. We have the best community of independent photographers in Chicago and we also extend our thanks for their support.

A heartfelt thanks to all of our brides and grooms that have trusted your wedding day with LOP. EVERY wedding has been a fun adventure and it’s been our pleasure to document every moment. We look forward to more great images and experiences for 2008!

Thank you from our family to yours… Happy New Year!

Lupe & Cesar

December 16th, 2006

Thanks Rachael Silvers (now Metropolitan Image Works)

I had the chance to return the favor to Rachael Silvers for saving me last week, shooting with her for her last wedding of 2006. It was perfect weather to end the year with. Downtown Chicago was full of holiday lights and shoppers! Here are my favorite shots from that day.





Thank you Rachael Silvers and Dennis Lee 


I interrupt our highlights page for a special announcement and a crazy story. It’s a story about INDEPENDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS COMING TOGETHER!

A quick background about LOP – LOP is run by myself (Tony Cabrera) and my wife Michelle Cabrera. We were expecting our 2nd baby due December 26th. So I thought it would be safe to book weddings up to the weekend of December 9th.

So on Friday December 8th, I head off to my wedding and asked Rachael Silvers (another well established photographer) to help me out on this day “just in case”. Well, “just in case” actually happened on our way to the bride’s house for the “getting-ready” session. I never thought I would actually have to execute my back-up plan. And boy, this would be the ultimate test for our back-up plan. So my wife calls me at 1:45pm telling me that her water broke. (by the way, when my cell phone rang, Rachael jokingly said “that’s your wife having a baby”) We quickly turned back around to pick up Rachael’s car. Rachael then gets on her phone calling several photographers to see who can get to the area soonest. She gets a hold of Dennis Lee (another very well established photographer) and Dennis, without hesitation and without question, gets ready and heads down to church. Rachael and I get to the bride’s house in time at 2:00pm. I waited until the bride had a slow moment to tell her that I had to leave for a good reason. And I had complete confidence that she is in VERY VERY good hands. It’s actually as if she won a prize because now she has 2 Chicago all-star photographers shooting her wedding. Rachael Silvers and Dennis Lee.

So my point to this story is that, as a bride, when booking a well established INDEPENENT PHOTOGRAPHER, don’t worry about back-up. Because I am proud to be part of Chicago’s circle of independent photographers that have the heart and quickness to show unconditional help on a time of need for both another photographer (who has a life changing day) and for the bride (who also has a life changing day). Both situations were equally important and everything on both sides went well. So from the LOP (the Cabrera family), thank you Rachael Silvers and Dennis Lee for coming to my rescue on this special day and allowing me to witness the birth of my daughter, Kailey Cabrera.

I also don’t want to forget to mention that Jason Kaczorowski also came the following day to help out.


Kailey Cabrera, Born Saturday December 9th, 2006 at 12:20AM, 6lbs 8oz 19in


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