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Adler Planetarium Grainger Sky Theater Proposal | Katie & Daniel

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She said yes! Under the moon and the stars!

A surprise proposal this amazing needed tons of planning. After weeks of constant communication with Daniel and the helpful staff at Adler allowing us to scout and rehearse the moment, everything went as planned with only minor hiccups.

Daniel got Katie into wearing a gorgeous dress by tricking her into thinking they were invited to a restaurant opening night. This was all solidified through fake text conversations with the “restaurant owner”. But first, a stop at the Adler to kill some time. While inside the Adler, they were to “sneak” into the Grainger Sky Theater just to check it out. Once there, they were greeted by annoyed photographers and videographers (us) who tried to kick them out because we were setting up for an “event”. As Daniel convinced us to let them in just for a peek, he leads Katie towards a cocktail table where chocolate treats and champagne awaits right under the enormous moon and galaxy. That’s when Katie’s reaction lit the theater as Daniel went on one knee. After she said yes, a collection of their unforgettable moments together lit the galaxy along with some of their favorite tunes.

After a few photos inside the theater, we headed outside to beat the storm for a signature Chicago skyline photo. Congratulations Katie & Daniel! You two laugh well together and the way you smile at each other proves you’re made for each other. Thanks for letting us capture this very special and amazing event!

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